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Why Are Chatbots Brilliant For Marketing?

Why Are Chatbots Brilliant For Marketing

One of the most powerful tools of the modern marketer is the chatbot. Chatbots are capable of providing lead generation, PR and reputation management, and boosting customer service satisfaction on an enormous scale – when in the right hands, of course. Here are some of the ways that chatbots stand out from other marketing methods when it comes to reaching both your core audience and floating consumers.


Although the technology powering chatbots has been around for quite a while, integrated chatbots are a relatively new feature of operating systems such as iOS and dynamic websites such as Facebook. New and shiny features tend to catch the eye of jaded, savvy customers. Most consumers have also developed a tendency to tune out targeted advertisements and spam emails while seeking more authentic, personalised forms of interaction with the businesses they value. A gold rush in the early 2010s to make personalised Apps for every organisation imaginable has resulted in a crowded and confusing marketplace for standalone software. Chatbots can help break through the ennui. Integrated, online bots provide a useful way for consumers to talk to your business through a format they’re already familiar with, such as social media platforms.

Better Analytics

Complex chatbots can record and learn from every user interaction. Through gathering consumer metadata and analysing long-term sales patterns, you can find out what works and what doesn’t when it comes to scripted sales. You can also keep track of what’s selling and what’s underperforming when it comes to your products or services through tracking unsolicited requests. Chatbots offer greater scope to improve your services, as customers will often provide colourful feedback on dead ends or bugs in the program whilst using it.

Huge Markets

Your chatbot can be easily attached to existing platforms with billions of monthly users. Chatbots also have a greater appeal to customers who may have found online shopping intimidating or strange in the past, through providing a natural language interface instead of a sterile, cold menu of unexplained options.

Reduced Costs & Better Reach

Chatbots can also handle vast numbers of customers at any one time, repeating the same sales pitches flawlessly while personalising suggestions and advice. Chatbots can also be kept running 24/7 and can be written to answer in many languages. This inclusive approach could help to spread your brand messages worldwide.

The initial outlay to build a chatbot is relatively low, especially if you use ‘fill-in-the-blanks’ kit software to personalise an existing chatbot script. For their potential reach against money spent, a well-managed, maintained, and promoted chatbot leaves traditional media such as local print and television in the dust.

Fixed Tones & Brand Identities

A bespoke chatbot can be made to fit the company image you want to project to the world. For example, humour, key phrases, and appeals to emotion relevant to what you’re selling can easily be written into the responses a sales bot might offer.

Fewer Errors

Importantly, a chatbot never forgets to stay on message, never forgets the script, never has a bad day at work, never responds to negative customer interaction, and will never recommend your rivals to a customer.

Dynamic Content

Once a conversation has been opened with a user, your bot can deliver current affairs directly relevant to your brand right to the customer’s inbox. While oversaturation, annoyance, and tuning out is an obvious risk (as with spam emails), suitable information (such as special discounts and new product announcements) often boost a business’ reputation and customer satisfaction levels. Constantly changing, global data such as current news or weather can be added into the conversation to keep your customer communication fresh.

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