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Projects in Turmoil

If you feel your project is failing for whatever reason make sure you talk to Brandon Cross to increase the likelihood of the project success.

Before the project falls through the ‘Trapdoor of Truth’ into the Valley of Oblivion’ (Failed project) we will provide an honest investigation and assessment in order to get you back up the ‘Slope of Enlightenment’ to achieve the ‘Plateau of Productivity’ you originally desired from the project.

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Project Success Services

If you feel your project is faltering for whatever reason, then you need to act now to either get reassurance that it is on track or understand the reality of the situation.

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Independent Project Assessment

Talking to key stakeholders, we will assess the true position of your project against the original goals.

We will review key technology, communication and team dynamic challenges as well as reviewing budget expectations.

All findings and recommendations will be delivered in a succinct, independent report.

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Efficiency Assessment

We understand how technology teams work .. or don’t.

We undertake a full review of your team’s processes and productivity; individual roles and responsibilities and ensure they are all aligned with individual talents and business aspirations.

Our independent report will identify bottlenecks and potential areas of underperformance and make recommendations to increase the productivity of your technical team.

Business Acquisition Assessment Icon

Business Acquisition Assessment

Full assessment of your new acquisition’s systems and processes.

Identify how well they are working and how they should be integrated into your existing business.

Identify the costs and implications of process transition, data migration or integration requirements.

All findings and recommendations will be delivered in a succinct, independent report.

Independent Assessment Service

We provide project assessment services in all the above scenarios.

This is an independent consultation where we talk with key stakeholders, assess the real situation with your project and report back our findings.

Consultation fees vary with size of project - starting from £5,000

  • Independent viewpoint - truth
  • Viability of the project
  • Key risk factors
  • Future Business impact
  • Clear recommendation on future project direction
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