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How Chatbots Can Improve The User Experience Rating Of Your Website

How Chatbots Can Improve the User Experience Rating of Your Website

The development of web based AI is on the rise and chatbots are only the tip of the iceberg. With the number of users using various messaging apps skyrocketing, chatbots that imitate live agents are in high demand.

We’ll show you how chatbots can improve the user experience rating of your website and what benefits your business will enjoy.

What Is a Chatbot And What Does It Do?

A chatbot is a software program engineered to simulate a conversation with users in the online environment. It can be considered a virtual assistant which communicates through text messages. Chatbots are integrated into websites and applications to close the gap between businesses and customers. 

These programs can help improve customer service, streamline the shopping process, improve your business’s response rates, automate certain tasks such as answering standard questions and personalise interactions with prospects.

From a productivity standpoint, chatbots provide quick and efficient access to information for end users. Because chatbots are still new on the market, many users are curious to see how they work and how efficient they are in solving the problems they’re presented with – making it more likely that a lead will attempt to make contact through your website.

Online Shopping Journey Improves with Chatbots

A users’ online shopping journey begins with visiting a landing page, continues with browsing through products, reading reviews, asking for advice and ends in making a purchase. In the post-shopping step the customer will sometimes provide feedback to the company in the form of a review or complaint.

When asked about each step of their online shopping journey, a quarter of users said that navigating websites is difficult and half of them abandon their carts due to not feeling ready to buy. The lack of assistance available to online retail customers compared to high street shopping can lead a business to lose potential customers. Chatbots can help overcome all the negative factors which lead to prospects abandoning their buyers’ journey.

Through welcoming messages, chatbots engage users and can redirect them towards what they’re looking for. They can suggest products based on specific requirements and can also promote alternatives. Chatbots will assist users by answering basic questions and redirect them towards agents for more complex issues. By following up with customers in the post-purchase stage, client loyalty is increased and there’s a greater chance for the customer to return to the website for another purchase. Chatbots add value to a website by engaging with numerous users at once on a 24/7 basis.

The Future of Using Chatbots in Business

By 2022 banks are expected to automate up to 90% of their interactions with users through web based or telephone chatbots. Businesses could save around £6B annually by using these programs. Also, users seem inclined towards using chatbots to solve their shopping problems rather than speaking to a live agent. It’s a mix between DYI and using complex AI.

Chatbots are still in their early stage but more and more businesses are integrating the software into their online presence to advance performance. The technology is still being improved but it’s here to stay. Invest in creating a chatbot for your business and open up new possibilities for customer service, lead conversion and retention. Tell us about your project – contact us for a no obligation chat.