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The Future Of Chatbots 

The Future of Chatbots 

Have you noticed chatbots popping up everywhere? These friendly chat bubbles are the newest trend in customer-facing AI. They increase productivity by freeing-up customer service time, and are able to provide detailed analytics about customer behaviour. However, like any new trend, chatbots are evolving quickly. Here’s what to look for as 2019 unfolds.

Improvements In Artificial Intelligence

AI is getting better. Improvements are being seen in linguistic functioning, particularly in how the software interprets meaning from a sentence and learns from these interpretations to deliver certain responses in the future. This allows the AI to appear more human over time, and is able to offer more relevant help and advice. In the future, AI capabilities will enable chatbots to replace human interaction, leading to a guaranteed quality of customer service.

Greater Complexity

Although chatbots have proven themselves to be great at providing information and sign-posting clients, they are typically limited in all other areas. However, tomorrow’s chatbots will be able to undertake more and more complex tasks. Already, several of the big banks are using them on their online platforms to make suggestions about borrowing or investing.

Over time, chatbots will be able to handle more complex questions and deliver more subtle responses, just like a real person. In turn, this will allow them to be utilised with a much broader scope.

Voice Recognition

Many chatbots that have already been deployed in commercial situations utilise relatively simple question and answer text boxes. These frequently pop up onto a device’s screen with a friendly face to humanise the experience. In the future, chatbots will be adapted for voice response. By heading to a commercial website, customers will be able to find the information or service they need by just speaking.

Stay Ahead With The Latest Chatbot Technology

When things are moving fast, it pays to lead the trend. Download our handy guide to web-based applications or give us a call to discuss your enterprise’s needs. You can even talk to our own chatbot!