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5 Must-Have Features For An Efficient Online Customer Service Ticketing System

5 Must-Have Features For An Efficient Online Customer Service Ticketing System

Many people wonder about the must-have features for an excellent customer service support ticketing system, and many people outside IT have no idea what this type of system is. The term ‘ticketing’ can be quite misleading! It refers to the formal way that customers and customer service representatives communicate with each other.

When a customer needs assistance they open a ‘ticket’ so that their problem can be tracked. The ticket is only closed when the problem is resolved. Companies rely upon ticket management software to enable their customer service operations to run smoothly. Here are some of the hallmarks of great ticketing software!

1) Define Your Own ‘Best’

Individual companies need individual ticketing systems. If you understand the type of customer service that you want to give your clients, you will have a good idea of the type and quality of the system you want to provide. Some industries are reliant upon excellent levels of customer interface. Others can survive PR nightmares. Either way, make sure that the ticketing system reflects brand values and vision.

2) Have A Good Chatbot

Chatbots are helpful artificial intelligence features that can help a consumer to navigate a website. They can troubleshoot many of the problems that customers have, and will then direct them to the answer, avoiding the need to create a ticket. This approach frees up human employees to deal with more complex enquiries, whilst guaranteeing that the solutions to the queries are correct. Chatbots will also feedback helpful analytics, which can be translated into improved customer service.

3) Make It Comfortable For The Team

A frequently overlooked point in online ticketing is creating a healthy environment for the support team. A customer may spend minutes in the system, but employees will spend their entire working days within the software. Poorly designed interfaces can create considerable frustration. Research shows that software that is comfortable, intuitive, and easy to use boosts morale. This in turn contributes to increased productivity.

4) Make Sure It Is Efficient

It is surprising how many customer service support ticketing systems are deeply inefficient. Like lots of software, help desk tools evolved in a haphazard way, and many of them are exasperating. Lots of them tend to narrow the choices to such an extent that customers are left with no choice but to pick up the phone, which defeats the point: the ideal system means that every issue is predicted in advance, and solutions are available. Other customer support systems plunge consumers into a frustrating labyrinth that asks endless questions whilst providing no answers. Great ticketing software is simple, efficient, and tailor-made to the specific needs of the company.

5) Offer Language Support & Custom Preferences

We live in a multilingual world. According to the last national census, 140,000 people living in England do not speak any English at all, and 8% of the population have English as a second language. It is very important for customer support ticketing to support this linguistic diversity. Variety needs to extend to custom preferences, custom fields, and personalised customer service systems that make the customer feel valued.

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