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How Chatbots Can Automate & Improve Your Sales Process To Help You Gain More Customers

How Chatbots Can Automate & Improve Your Sales Process To Help You Gain More Customers

Using a chatbot on your company’s website can really help you get more customers – all without having to employ any additional sales staff. If you are wondering whether it might finally be time to get a chatbot for your site, read on.

Here we take a look at four ways in which a chatbot can automate and improve your sales process to help you gain more customers.

1) Initiating A Conversation

So, a potential customer arrives on your website to browse products or find out more information. This is a critical point because if they don’t find what they are looking for in those first few minutes they might leave the website never to return. If a chatbot pops up inviting them to talk, this can capture their attention and keep them interested for a while longer.

2) Asking Qualifying Questions

In order to help the visitor make an informed purchasing decision, the chatbot needs to find out some information from them. It does this by asking a series of qualifying questions about the person and what they are looking for. The answers to these questions that will then enable the chatbot to guide the visitor towards the ideal product or service for them.

3) Follow-Up Messages

What happens if the person does not respond as expected to the qualifying questions? There are various reasons why this could be the case. For example, maybe they were distracted by something else, or perhaps it is just not a convenient time for them to chat. Whatever the cause, it is worth attempting to restart the conversation later.

This is where follow-up messages can be beneficial. By trying to re-engage them at another time, they might be in a better position to respond and then eventually make a purchase.

4) Saving The Company Time And Money

Of course, if all of this happens automatically in a pre-programmed way, it saves your company both time and money. By automating conversations with visitors to the website, your company will be able to increase sales without employing additional staff to actually talk to these potential customers. This could be extremely effective if your website gets many visitors each day, as it means multiple conversations can happen simultaneously.

So, as you can see, there are big benefits from having a chatbot on your website. At the critical point when a potential customer first comes to your site, they can engage with a chatbot that is programmed to find out what they want and help them find it. And all this happens without a real human needing to engage with them, which is a huge cost saving for your business.

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