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Digital Integration:
Integrated Systems


  • Business that operates with data silos
  • Legacy systems which are no longer fit for purpose
  • Manual processes in place


  • Eliminate manual interventions
  • Seamless transfer of data
  • Deliver information where it’s needed

With legacy and current systems which are no longer fit for purpose, or lack the necessary flow within the organisation, we are able to craft the perfect solution. We do this by reviewing your goals, analysing what is working, and what isn’t working, and then aligning those with the most pragmatic and cost effective solution.

By starting with the end in mind (the goal) and the challenges your business is facing we can integrate legacy and current systems with bespoke systems to achieve the desired outcome. A workable system which delivers exactly what you need it to deliver.

What can we provide?

Here at Brandon Cross we can provide you with impartial, sound advice based on over 30 years’ experience in the industry. We have no agenda other than ensuring your challenges are addressed with the best solution for your business.

We are able to review your existing and legacy systems to identify what works and what doesn’t and then create a bespoke solution that could include brand new technology, updated current technology or a combination of the two ensuring an effective, joined up business.

Everything we do has your business in mind, and your success as the endpoint. We are not affiliated with any third parties, so our recommendations are based solely on your business, your challenges and the recommended solutions.

The Value

  • Clarity
  • Peace of mind
  • Well thought-out and researched
  • Sound advice based on years of experience
  • Impartial and honest

Challenge us today

We thrive on complex challenges which may seem impossible to fix without a complete rebuild.

We live for these challenges and have a passion for providing your business with the building blocks it requires for innovation.

Using a combination of technical expertise, business experience and a burning curiosity we are able to provide software solutions for seemingly impossible business challenges.

For us, nothing is impossible – so challenge us today.

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Why you can trust us