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Bringing a streaming app into the modern day

Calibre Audio now have a streaming service which is slick, attractive and extremely user friendly.

The Challenge

Calibre wanted to make their library of audio books available to a wider market, such as those with physical disabilities or dyslexia. They wanted to integrate their application and streaming service with other third-party applications to provide more options to their potential user base.

Business Impact

Their old streaming service was not particularly user-friendly and the application they had in place wasn’t really fit for service. This meant they were limited on how well their service met the needs of their customers.

They had tried to engage with other third-party service providers to create the integrations and upgrade their library management system and streaming service but without success.

Charity streaming app service creation

Calibre Audio is a national charity providing a free audiobook service for anyone with a disability that makes reading print difficult. Historically this has been focused on those with visual impairments.

The Solution

By engaging Brandon Cross to work on the integration and new streaming service, they were able to utilise the technological skills which they were lacking within their team.

They had the ideas, and knew what they wanted to achieve but were unable to put this into action.

Brandon Cross worked closely alongside the team at Calibre, especially the marketing and design department to ensure the finished product was an attractive, user-friendly, slick service which offered the content they wanted and to a much wider market.

Third party integration

The team at Brandon Cross were able to deliver this as well as integrating the new Calibre streaming service with Dolphin EasyReader, a third-party supplier as well as integrating with a third-party who provides cover images of all the books in the catalogue.

Brandon Cross, delivered the technology behind the new streaming service which was built using a combination of new technology alongside Calibre Audio’s legacy applications, pre-existing servers and database.

Technical know how

Previous third-parties had been unable to integrate this legacy software into the new integrations and streaming services but we had the necessary know-how to find a workaround. We pride ourselves at Brandon Cross with succeeding where others have failed and solving seemingly impossible problems.

Brandon Cross were able to produce a fully-functioning and responsive service which suited all of Calibre Audio’s requirements.

“We were lucky enough to work on our new streaming project with Brandon Cross, who built our amazing new Play Calibre platform, as well as helping to make our audiobooks available on the Dolphin EasyReader app. We are thrilled with the results that offer all Calibre members a first-class digital user experience.”

Anthony Kemp, CEO Calibre Audio

The Result

Following Brandon Cross’s involvement, Calibre Audio now have a streaming service which is slick, attractive and more user friendly and has the potential to make their books easily accessible to a wider audience.

The charity, with support from Brandon Cross, has launched a new streaming platform ‘Play Calibre’ and app service available through Dolphin EasyReader which offers the quality and increased content of online audio books that wasn’t possible before.

Brandon Cross thoroughly enjoyed working with Calibre and contributing towards making life easier for those with sight and learning difficulties. We understood the difficulties their membership have and feel proud that the service they now have is far better suited to their needs.

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