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Oracle brought us in to work on key petrochemical and pharmaceutical accounts to ensure successful implementation of their Information Rights Management document security solution. With over a decade of real world experience in data centric security, we helped the businesses better understand how their security requirements should be addressed. This necessarily involves some significant education and insight to help clients envisage how the technology will be used in practice, highlighting the superlative importance of usability, and helping them to understand some of the potential pitfalls which can result in a poor user experience and therefore low levels of adoption.

Key to successful use of Information Rights Management is keeping things simple. While the technology is very powerful it can give you a lot of rope to hang yourself! Too much attention is often given to the technologies abilities to provide fine grain control over document access, including ability to screen grab, print and copy paste, when just providing authenticated access to documents which can be remotely tracked and revoked is undervalued.

We helped Oracle’s clients achieve the right balance between security, usability, and manageability. Users need to understand exactly what to expect in terms of access rights when they open a protected document, and be able to do what they need to do. The business needs to be confident that documents are being appropriately protected in line with their corporate information security and information classification policies. And this has to be done while avoiding creating any unnecessary administrative burden for information owners. As well as consulting on the functional design of the solutions we also performed the technical installations of the server software.


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