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We have established a strong ongoing relationship with Guardian Technologies who have used our knowledgeable, trustworthy and dependable security consultants and technicians. Our complimentary skills have brought about significant change to the security in multiple organisations concerned with the protection of their sensitive digital assets and intellectual property, particularly in the engineering and manufacturing sectors. Guardian Technologies portfolio of security products are aligned with their information centric approach to security. This aligns well with our philosophy that security is more than just deploying firewalls, anti-malware software and similar commoditised technologies and really requires a holistic approach that involves identifying information assets, designing information processing workflows, and educating users.

Business users and managers need to be actively involved and not pass the responsibility wholly to the IT Department. It is the business that understands what the information is, it’s value to the business and who needs to use it and how. Having well defined information flow is core to business operations and needs to be well understood and managed in part due to increasing regulation, including GDPR, as well as simply being good security practice.

IT Departments are enablers and will provide what is requested of them, however as the business changes and evolves previous services, legacy data and accounts pollute the landscape, at which point it is typically the business, not the IT Department which need to take responsibility to clean up – determining what is needed, what can be archived or erased, who needs continued access and so on. Guardian Technologies portfolio of products are easy to use and provide comprehensive control over access to and use of sensitive data.

Guardian Technologies have put the long-established security insights, training, consulting and technical support services from Brandon Cross to good use. This has resulted in their customers maximising the value of their technical investments and increasing the security of their digital assets and data. Being based in the UK has allowed quality support to be delivered for internationally sourced security solutions, providing fast response, good communication, and deep technical knowledge. Our knowledge has also been invaluable in demonstrating the benefits of these solutions throughout the procurement process as well as during deployment and post-delivery support.

Our flexibility has allowed Guardian Technologies to benefit from significant costs reductions associated with using our quality resources alongside their own staff, allowing them to quickly adapt to changing demands, while providing a united and seamless service to their customers and prospects. Our relationship continues to deepen as Guardian Technologies customer base and brand continues to grow.