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Digital Publishing Software – Why Bespoke Development Is Better Than Off The Shelf

Digital Publishing Software – Why Bespoke Development Is Better Than Off The Shelf

Digital Publishing Software allows you to instantly make information available all around the world by simply posting it online. You can significantly reduce your printing and distribution costs, and even translation costs, because this can be done locally by the receiving organisation or reader.

Furthermore, your customers can access your full library of digitally published content at any time, day or night. You can also provide links or suggestions between related topics in your library to generate further engagement. If not all, many off-the-shelf digital publishing platforms provide some of these plus points, so why might you consider a bespoke solution instead?


The great advantage of bespoke software is it can be tailored to meet your specific business needs. No two publishing enterprises run in exactly the same way and neither should their software. This is especially the case for any business operating in a competitive marketplace where they will want their digital content to stand out and appear distinctive from others in their sector.

Digital Integration

Secondly, a bespoke digital publishing platform will allow you to integrate your business with social media, digital marketing, blogs and apps in a way that meets your marketing goals. Approaches to online marketing vary from publisher to publisher. Not all businesses, for example, will operate across all social media platforms and so the ability to share articles you publish should be restricted to the outlets that meet your strategic aims. Without this level of tailored control, you can soon lose the ability to manage how your content is being shared and commented on.


Some off-the-shelf digital publishing solutions put everything your organisation writes out there in the same way or offers only limited segmentation options. With a bespoke publishing software application, you can segment your content according to your audience in unlimited ways. For some, this might mean producing articles for certain territories and, for others, it might mean splitting up their consumer and B2B content into different buyer groups.


Hacking and malicious activity can affect any business, but it is especially worrying for a digital publishing business. If you use a plug-in application to publish digital content, then ask yourself whether it is truly secure. Hackers often get past the sort of standard code that is used in everyday applications. With a bespoke digital publishing solution, the code is written for you, thereby making it much harder for hackers to use known exploits to access your network.


Finally, while off-the-shelf publishing platforms can normally be branded with your company identity, full customisation is rarely possible. A fully bespoke solution, on the other hand, is entirely yours and will meet your brand ethos and personality with no compromises whatsoever.