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4 Benefits of Investing in Custom Knowledge Base Software

4 Benefits of Investing in Custom Knowledge Base Software

Are you aware of the benefits that custom knowledge base software could bring to your business?

At Brandon Cross we are passionate about developing bespoke software that helps make your workplace a more productive place, as well as providing specific software implementation plans to businesses to get better results in the most efficient way.

Knowledge base software sets up a database of resources which staff and customers can access at any time, with different levels of access for different users. Answers to frequently asked questions can be found very quickly, saving time for all users.

Here’s our list of the main benefits that knowledge based software could bring your business:

1) Reduce Your Support Staff Costs

Obtaining information from a knowledge base is much more convenient and quicker for your customers, as many people dread making calls to support lines. Your customers can get the vast majority of simple problems solved with just a few clicks, cutting back on lengthy phone calls or email exchanges. This information is available for customers to access 24/7.

You can proofread and edit support content to make sure it is phrased and organised in the best way – and track how the information is used.

Your tech support staff will be better able to stay ahead of new challenges and trends in your industry if they do not have to spend their time talking customers through the same problems again and again. Your employees will be able to concentrate on less common, trickier problems that need more individual attention.

2) Improve Customer Support Quality

When one of your support team addresses a customer issue, their solution risks being lost if the results are not stored in your knowledge base. This then requires your team to recreate the solution from scratch the next time the issue comes up. Having a collected body of customer service wisdom available for staff to draw on makes problem resolution more efficient; making customers happier and your own job easier.

3) Capture New Knowledge For Future Use

New knowledge and training insights that your employees develop can be captured for future use by other staff members and your customers. Rather than an employee needing to write an explanation or procedure each time a certain problem occurs, they can point their colleagues towards the right page in your knowledge base. You don’t risk losing that information when employees move on. You can use this knowledge resource to train new team members, integrate customer feedback and improve your service over time.

4) Reduce The Burden On HR & IT Staff

You will be able to direct new staff to your knowledge base during induction so that they can familiarise themselves with workplace processes, H&S procedures etc. Holiday and sickness forms can be accessed through the knowledge base, saving your HR team valuable time, and many common queries can be answered without human input.

Regarding internal IT issues, by using a knowledge base for the most frequent questions with a known solution, you can focus your IT staff on the more challenging issues. In both cases you will have more time available to manage your team’s time and skills.

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So there you have it. Knowledge base software allows you to cut your costs whilst improving your service quality and customer satisfaction! If you have any questions, give us a call and tell us about your business. We can help you achieve a unique software solution to optimise your workplace. Simply contact us for more information.


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