Sector Experience & Specialist Expertise

Since forming in 2006, Brandon Cross has developed into a team of highly experienced software development experts specialising in IT consultancy and training plus secure cloud and web applications. The business is run by an accomplished enterprise software engineer specialising in information security and data privacy with over 30 years’ experience as a software engineer and consultant.

Practical Experience

As such, our organisation is packed with the necessary know-how to bring software development proficiency to a wide variety of applications and industry sectors. We have the necessary abilities to tailor software to your exact needs because we have done so successfully in the past for others – no matter how niche your requirement might seem to be.  

Streamlining Your Systems & Boosting Efficiency

We are experts in generating increased efficiency, reduced operational costs and greater access to new markets through cloud-based systems. We can also help you to improve product and service quality. Our software is designed around functional goals like these, in the form of secure portals, knowledge-based applications, AI technology, digital publishing and many more.  

Breadth Of Expertise

In addition, we have all the sectoral expertise you could wish for. We have worked with large businesses, SMEs and charities who are looking to invest in their software to provide good returns on investment whilst protecting them from cyber-attacks and meeting regulatory standards. We’ve worked for telephony companies, pharmaceutical businesses, manufacturing firms and in the oil and gas sector as well as all manner of engineering enterprises to name but a few. No matter which sector you work in, custom software is a reliable tool for achieving a range of organisational goals. Call us to find out more.


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