IT Security Training

We provide both technical and business focused training for the solutions we deploy. Training requires knowledge of not just which buttons to press but the context in which the solution is being used, and an understanding of the business needs and the aspirations of the attendees. Our training services are based on a solid knowledge of the products and how businesses work with them; and tailored as necessary for the specific project / engagement. We work with vendors and clients to develop and adapt course materials, through understanding the required learning points and intended outcomes for the attendees. Training isn’t about telling people a bunch of stuff; which they will then forget. It is about leading them on an engaging journey of discovery, resulting in a deeper understanding, and thereby a greater retention of the information and an enthusiasm for the technology. We believe that training should be short and focused on immediate need. There’s no point covering a stack load of materials if the information isn’t going to be put to immediate use. The training we provide is usually in the context of a project or programme to improve security, adopt new security technologies, or to promote the use of existing technology; or to use it to greater effect. We believe in focusing on the desired business outcome, to which the technology, and the training, is just a means to an end. Training is usually classroom based, held at our clients’ sites, using a combination of slide based materials, live demonstrations, and hands on exercises, and a dose of good humour; providing the right engaging conditions for learning and to re-enforce learning points. Contact us for a no obligation chat, we will be happy to help. 1. State Learning Objectives, 2. Present and Inform, 3. Demonstrate, 4. Supported Hands-On Practical, 5. Confirm and Summarise

Introduce it… Describe it… Show it… Do it… Confirm it…

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