Integrating & Connecting Your Existing Systems

Many organisations – large and small – rely on a legacy of software systems which are not really a single, coherent solution. For example, it is quite common for an accounts package to be used in the finance department of a company which is not connected to the customer database. Sometimes, manufacturing businesses use entirely different software applications for costing their bills for materials than they do for producing quotations for customers. There again, perhaps your internal communications software is a mishmash of different systems, from email to instant messaging and from internet protocol (IP) voice communications to virtual private networking (VPN). What can Brandon Cross do to connect these systems to one another?  

Bespoke Software Applications & Interfaces

By developing bespoke software applications it is often possible to have one type of software system ‘talk’ to another. Rather than throwing away a perfectly good piece of software – which, incidentally, may be easier to use than what it might be replaced with – so that you can integrate your systems under a single software manufacturer’s solution, it is often better to adapt them with a custom user interface. In many cases, one piece of software does not work with another because it outputs its data in its own way. Our expert software developers can create bespoke interfaces and workarounds to solve these issues. Think of them like an automated translation service that gets everything working in concert.

Integration Or New Application?


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